The poetic image

When we start editing a wedding we join both folders of all our images taken. Then separately we make our first selection out of all these photos. After that we put both those selections together and we discuss which photos should make the final edit. This last process will take us a whole day. So we talk about photography, a lot. We basically have to defend our selection, give good reason why we should add it in, and convince the other. You win some, you loose some and you make compromises. But the big question is 'What makes a photo a good photograph?'. Something we have focused on a lot this year. The answer can be formulated as 'It's when form and content come together.' We don’t seek the beautiful in the romantic moments only, but are rather on the lookout for all the beautiful things that happen throughout your day. Little delicate moments, a split second that captures the feeling or atmosphere, which we try to make tangible.